Code of Conduct

 Students of college shall follows strict discipline.
 Students shall not attach in any potitical activity, rallies, strike inspired by party – politics.
 Student shall have no contact with any anti- social element. And if they do so in college campus they will be severely punished.
 Student who cause intentionally damage of equipments, Books & college property will be punished and also require compensation for the damage.
 In case of absence from class, student shall have produce application duly signed by their parent or guardian.
 It is compulsory to appear in all the tests sessional exam conducted by the college.
 Students should maintain mutual respect and behave properly with their teachers.
 Students are expected to participate in co-curricular activities of college.
 Student should provide correct & factual information in the college on all matters.
 For breach of discipline or code of conduct, the students of college, shall be liable for:-