Lecture Halls

college has well ventilated and specious lecture halls with comfortable chairs and desks. In the lecture hall all the modern teaching facilities like Over head projectors, LCD projector, Micro slide projector, sound box with mike are available.


College has well furnished library and about 10 thousands books of Ayurvedic as well as Morden concern, are in the library. The library also subscribes national and international journals, periodicals for general awareness to the students and faculty members.

Labs: Institute has well equipped Labs

Physiology Lab
Pathology Lab
Anatomy Lab (Deseclim)
Ras Shastra
Dravya Guna Lab
Bhasajaya Kalpana Lab

Computer lab

The college established computer lab for basic training to the Ayurvedic Graduates.


Agad Tantra
Ras Shastra
Dravya Guna,etc.

Dissection Hall

Institute has well equipped dissection hall with Mortuary for preservation & sufficient numbers of bones & models.

Pathology lab

Urine, blood & serological investigations are available in the lab.

IPD: Hospital Having 160 Beds

X-ray: machine 100 M.A
ECG: For cardiac problem.

Multipurpose Hall

College has multipurpose hall for other activities well equipped with mike, sound box etc.

Hostel Facility

Separate hostel for Boys & Girls are available in College Campus.

Medical Store

Available for the patient .Most of the Ayurvedic medicines are prepared in own Pharmacy. Fresh Herbal medicines are taken from herbal garden for I.P.D.& Panchakarma.


24 hours available for carrying patient from their home to Hospital for needed person.

Operation Theater

Well equipped operation theater is available for major & minor modern & Ayurvedic surgical procedure. Several surgical procedure for hernia, hydrocoel, cyst, appendicitis and Ayurvedic parasurgical procedure Agnikarma Ksharkarma , Raktamokshana are performed here. Ksharsutra thearpy, World known Special treatment for Fistula in ano also performed here.

Hospital Block

The College has its own 160 beds hospital having following facility O.P.D, I.P.D, X – ray, ECG, Pathology lab, Medical Store. 24 hour Emergency, Operation Theater, Panchakarama Unit & Ambulance facility.

Panchkarma Unit

Well equipped panch karma unit for chronic diseases. All procedure of panchkarma are performed by trained male and female masseurs under the supervision of senior consultant.

Indoor & Outdoor Sports Facility

Excellent sports facility for overall development of students are provided. The college has conducted Volleyball, Chess & Swimming at University level.

Educational Tour

Every year students of IInd prof. are sent for educational tour to the deferent parts of Bhopal & India, to visit the natural habitat of herbal medicine.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Institution engaged to the students not only study other extra curricular activities organised like annual games, cultural functions debets, melas, polio camps, vaxination camps, health checkup camps and blood donation camps etc.