OPD In hospital following OPDs are running
Kaya Chikitsa
Stri & Prasuti Rog
Swasth Vritta
IPD Facility:
160-Beded fully Equipped Hospital with all facilities.
Special facility for day – care.
PanchKarma therapy for detoxification of body.
Expert consultation for chronic disease.
Free health – check up & Medicine dispensing camps.
Consultation cell for family planning, AIDS and sexually transmitted disease.
Free food bed for poor patient.
Pulse – polio immunization center.
Expert – consultation on various pure and applied aspects of ayurveda for academician.
X-ray: machine100 M.A.
ECG: For cardiac problem.
Pathology lab: Urine, blood & serological investigations are available in the lab.
Medical Store: available for the patient .Most of the Ayurvedic medicines are prepared in own Pharmacy. Fresh Herbal medicines are taken from herbal garden for I.P.D.& Panchakarma.
Operation Theater Well equipped operation theater is available for major & minor modern & Ayurvedic surgical procedure. Several surgical procedure for hernia, hydrocoel, cyst, appendicitis and Ayurvedic parasurgical procedure Agnikarma Ksharkarma , Raktamokshana are performed here. Ksharsutra thearpy, World known Special treatment for Fistula in ano also performed here.