Yoga and Naturopathy

Yoga :-
 Regular yoga classes for students and outsiders.
 Shat karma training.
 Kunjal for cleansing of small intestine.
 Shankh Prakshalan – Clearing of large intestine and effective in chronic constipation.
 Neti Jal – Neti and sutra Neti for clearing of nose and upper Respiratory tract.
 Dhoti – Dhoti is effective in small intestinal cleansing.
 Tratak – Increase the visual capacity & concentration.
 Vasti – Especially useful in anal, Rectal & large intestinal clearing.
Naturopathy :-

Facilities of waist bath, spinal Bath, Hot- Foot Bath, Earthen- Pack, encircle pack are available in Swasth- Vritt department.